Navatek Boats: The ultimate in seakeeping and seakindliness.

At the core of Navatek’s motivation in conducting hull form research has been a commitment is to improve the seaworthiness of boats and ships by creating innovative designs and technologies that significantly improve seakeeping (ability to maintain function in a seaway) and seakindliness (achieve comfort in a seaway). This commitment has resulted in the design and construction of a wide range of small vessels under 50 feet for a wide range of domestic and overseas customers. The culmination of this long-term effort is the unique hull design called Sea Blade™. The Sea Blade belongs to the family of Stabilized Entrapment Tunnel Monohulls, assembled from three major structures: a central main hull and two entrapment tunnels as illustrated below. There have been four generations of this hull to date as we seek to balance rough water performance and speed.

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