Custom solutions for integrated systems

Navatek approaches the design of marine systems using a multi-fidelity, multi-disciplinary approach. We look at the problem from early stage through prototype design using a combination of design tools developed in-house, commercial codes, and new methods formulated and implemented for solving novel problems. Navatek’s design toolbox consists of:

  • Aegir – a NURBS-based, “panel-less”, high- order, boundary-element method for the computation of steady and unsteady forces and motions of systems operating at or near the free surface.
  • NavaSim – a nonlinear hydromechanical simulation tool for mission simulations of coupled systems.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics – Navatek uses FINE/Marine, Star CCM+, and OpenFoam to analyze systems and direct design processes.
  • Science of Design – an amalgam of methods and software for understanding early stage design and directing designers towards the correct system.
  • Multi-Fidelity/Multi-Disciplinary CFD