Bladerunner-51 ALB Patrol Boat

Artist rendering of Bladerunner-51 ALB Patrol Boat

BR-51 hull showing twin aft lifting bodies

Navatek's Bladerunner-51 ALB Patrol Boat incorporates two advanced technologies -- a 51-foot, Bladerunner entrapment tunnel monohull (ETM) hull form licensed from Navatek development partner ICE Marine (UK); and twin Navatek aft lifting bodies (ALB). ICE Marine pioneered Bladerunner technology starting in 1975, and has built 34-foot sport/recreational boats. In 2003, Navatek teamed with ICE Marine to develop commercial and military craft incorporating Bladerunner technology. These include the BR-35 "Mosquito" RIB interdiction/boarding boat; and the BR-51hull form. In Aug. 2005, a sports version of the BR-51, the Bradstone Challenger, set a new Round-Britain world speed record, circumnavigating the isle of Britain in 27 hours and ten minutes, including five refueling stops, while averaging over 62 mph to smash the existing record by almost four hours. It has been tested to speeds of greater than 70 knots. Navatek subsequently developed a military version of the BR-51 using the same hull mould. When benchmarked against standard, high-speed monohulls, the BR-51 offers:
  • a higher fineness ratio, resulting in higher speed efficiency with less installed horsepower; and better seakeeping due to its ETM hull form
  • a wider beam at rest (14.5 feet vs. 9.5 feet), providing greater weight carrying capacity and better static stability
  • a wider overall beam, resulting in more usable deck space (740 sf versus 486 sf).
Navatek's militarized BR-51 hull can be configured with an open deck 11-feet wide by 30 feet long, suitable for multiple arrangements; or as a mother ship capable of carrying four X 5-meter unmanned surface vessels (USVs) on deck.

It can also be equipped with Navatek aft lifting bodies. Navatek's ALB technology enhances the already excellent BR-51 hull form by further reducing motions and slamming when running at high speed; and by providing better seakeeping, especially at low speeds and drift